Tuesday, 29 May 2007

Boston Borough Council Audit Commission Reports

If you want to see what the Audit Commission reports on your council click here.

Monday, 28 May 2007

Boston Borough Council Website

If you want to know what the Borough Council is up to, want advice about council matters, want to know who deals with what, need council forms to fill in, or god forbid want to complain then why not go to their website? Click here or follow the link listed on the right hand side of this page.

Planning Committee

The Planning Committee at Boston Borough Council is changing its meeting time to early evening in an attempt to make it easier for planning applicants and members of the public to attend. The September 2007 meeting will be the first meeting at the later time.

Saturday, 12 May 2007

Election Results

Boston Bypass Independents Party took control of Boston Borough Council at the elections with a total of 25 seats won. Five Conservative seats remain, Independent candidates have two seats and Labour and Liberal Democrats have none. A 36.89% turnout was reported, which is considerably higher than the 28% turnout for the 2003 elections and shows the people of Boston are prepared to take a stand for our town and its future.

A full summary of the results can be viewed or downloaded by clicking this link (Adobe Reader required, click here for a free download). The elected BBI candidates and wards are also listed below.

Coastal - Neil McGregor
Fenside - Guy Curley, Sheila Newell
Fishtoft - Richard Lenton, Elizabeth Barker, Helen Staples
Five Village - Tony Clarke, David Witts
Frampton & Holme - Brian Rush
Kirton - Richard Dungworth
North - Gerry Clare, Peter Jordan
Old Leake & Wrangle - John Grant
Skirbeck - Anne Dorrian, Dave Hobson, Paddy Rush
South - Alison Austin
Staniland North - David Lingard
Staniland South - Martin Clarkson, Ray Newell
West - Brenda Owen
Witham - Graham Dovey, Jim Blaylock
Wyberton - Richard Austin, John Storry

What We Stand For

Boston Bypass Indepedents (BBI) were elected at the local elections on a manifesto of Getting Boston Moving by getting a bypass built for Boston. We were accused by our opponents of being a single issue party but the electorate soon saw through this political smokescreen, voting the old guard out and a virtually brand new council in to power.

The BBI firmly believes in having no sacred cows, no person nor issue immune from scrutiny or critiscism, and questioning all aspects of the Council's work. We want to reflect the views of the electorate and promote Boston as a good place to work and live.

The BBI also stand for:
  • Short-term traffic-flow improvement
  • A better bus service
  • A review of car parking charges
  • Better public toilets
  • More recycling
  • Less litter
  • Reducing anti-social behaviour
  • More off-street parking for residents
  • Full investigation of the affairs of the Princess Royal Sports Arena

This blog will be updated regularly to keep you informed on our progress, the latest issues and developments and also to give you the chance to comment and/or pose questions in an open forum.